Our take on Butter Chicken

A creamy, mild and beautiful curry using our Indian Spice.

You'll need:
Indian Spice
Lemon, pepper & garlic salt
Chicken breast
Greek Yogurt
Tomato paste
Crushed garlic
Crushed ginger
Cream - not necessary but I had some I needed to use up!

Add everything (not the veggies or cream) to a bowl and leave it in the fridge to marinate, the longer the better, a few hours is fine too, if you don't have time - also fine.

Fry up your onion with some oil in a pot, add your mixture and pop your veggies in the microwave so soften - then pop them in the pot.

Cook this until your chicken is cooked through, I served this curry with rice and garlic naan, greek yoghurt & coriander.

The beauty of this spice is that it is so versatile, when I'm craving those curry flavours but only want a light meal, I'll marinate some chicken breast in the same way, and make some flatbread pizzas (a huge hit in our household!)

VEGO: minus the chicken and add chickpeas!
VEGAN: Minus the chicken, cream & greek yogurt. Add coconut cream & a can of tomaotes and or coconut yoghurt.