Cajun chicken Rice

Another delicious way to use our Cajun spice, this recipe is a one pot wonder!
You'll need:
Shredded chicken (or cook off your chicken breast in your pan to start)
Cajun spice
Garlic & Herb seasoning (rather than stock cubes)
Spinach, capsicum, cherry tomato, onion & mushrooms (or whatever you've got will work)
Tomato paste

Fry up all of your veggies in your pan (make sure its got a lid to fit)
Add some Cajun seasoning and fry until everything is soft, add in your shredded chicken (or cooked chicken)  and then add your rice. Add in your tomato paste and then add in garlic & herb seasoning with water and cream. Keep stirring this occasionally and let this simmer away. When the rice is almost done, turn the heat off and pop the lid on, the rice will continue to cook during this time. Top with your favourite cheese and enjoy!

This would work well with prawns too, if you are DF, vegan or vego the cheese and cream and chicken can easily be removed.