Karaage Chicken

Ingredients for karaage chicken:
2x Chicken breast
1 cup Soy sauce
1 piece ginger
Potato flour 
Oil to shallow fry
Chicken salt OR Sriracha & Soy salt to finish

Finely sliced cabbage
Shaved carrot
Sliced purple onion
Kewpie mayo

Bao buns are fun to make, if you don't have time Aldi have great ones in the freezer section.

Slice up the chicken into bite sizes pieces, add to an airtight container, cover in soy sauce and sliced ginger. The longer you leave this to marinate the better - I usually leave this for 1 or 2 days in the fridge. I occasionally mix it so the ginger and soy really infuses the chicken breast.

Add some potato flour to a bowl - I usually just eyeball this. 
Generously coat the chicken breast with flour and pop this aside. 
Shallow fry the chicken until golden brown, sprinkle with chicken salt or sriracha and soy for a little spice.

Serve with slaw and bao buns
If you want to ditch the bao buns, simply serve on a slaw with coriander - if that's your vibe.

This recipe also works with tofu!